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When in Juárez…

The next list of  some of the must visit places in Juárez City, Chihuahua, was created to help visitors from around the world enjoy their stay in our great hometown. I will also love to hear from your favorite places in Juárez, to include them in this post.

Thanks to the people of I Love Juárez for their suggestions  and to  Imágenes de Juárez for some of the photographs included in this post.


  • Turibus – This new touristic bus departs from Tuesday to Sunday from the Viva México restaurant  station (Av. Abraham Lincoln and Av. Malecon). It offers three tours: Historical Downtown, Casa de Adobe museum  and Chamizal Park.  Ask for the bilingual tours!  https://www.facebook.com/turibusjuarez
The Turibus ready to go! Photograph by Turibus Juárez.  Turibus Juárez Facebook page.
View of the beautiful Juárez Cathedral. Photo by José Arcadio Buendía. Facebook page of  Imágenes de Juárez.
  • Juárez City Market (Juárez Downtown) – A good place to eat traditional Mexican food and buy souvenirs for home. The murals by the Jellyfish collective are a “must see”!
  • The X Monument – This landmark, built by the internationally famous sculptor Sebastian, sits next to the Plaza de la Mexicanidad, where cultural events take place and  the Parque Xtremo, where different extreme sports are played. https://www.facebook.com/MonumentoLaXDeCiudadJuarez
The controversial and impressive “X”. Photo by Sergio Miranda.  Imágenes de Juárez Facebook page.


Activity in the Parque Xtremo. Photo by Beefy Ramírez. Imágenes de Juárez Facebook page.
  • Yo Amo a Juárez Monument – This new landmark is located in Juárez downtown (Avenida Juárez and 16 de Septiembre). Cultural events are organized in this popular spot. And you certainly want to take a selfie next to it!
Dancers posing in the I Love Juárez monument. Photo by Luis Ángel Salazar. Imágenes de Juárez Facebook page.


Restaurants and Bars

Photograph by Club Kentucky. Seen on Club Kentucky Facebook page.
The most iconic bar in Juárez downtown. Photograph by Club Kentucky. Club Kentucky´s Facebook page.

Sports and Recreation

  • Trepachanga Xtreme Park – If you are an outdoor kind of person, you will love this place. Among its many activities, you will find: paintball, four-wheelers, hanging bridges, mountain cycling, rock climbing…http://www.ecoprojects.com.mx/Trepachanga.html


Photo by Museo de Arqueología del Chamizal. Museo de Arqueología del Chamizal Facebook page.
  • La Rodadora Children´s Museum – http://larodadora.org/ – A delightful discovery place for kids and not so young visitors. Ask for a bilingual tour by a Rodi (museum guide)!
The beautiful La Rodadora library. Photograph by La Rodadora. La Rodadora Facebook page.


Fotografía por Fabiola de Goríbar.
Exploring the world at La Rodadora. Photograph by Fabiola de Goríbar. This handsome boy is my nephew Alexis.

Other fantastic places to visit in Chihuahua

A view of the Copper Canyon. Photo by Constan Romero Uribe. That´s me on top of the “Piedra Volada”.

There are many other fantastic places to visit in the state of Chihuahua, such as Villahumada (where you can have the best asadero quesadillas or kekas), Nombre de Dios Caverns, the Aldama zoo, Chihuahua (the state´s capital), the cities of Delicias, Parral, Cuauhtémoc, Santa Bárbara, San Francisco del Oro…but I will have to write another post specifically to mention the must see places in the large and beautiful Chihuahua.

Did I miss other fantastic places? Let me know!


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